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The Preshow Entertainment was Disney cartoons from 1932-1946. Many of us saw these when we
were infants. I for one did, and forgot about them. But as I watched them, I started remembering them. "The Three Little Pigs", "Brave Little Tailor" (where Mickey has to capture a giant, after they think he's already killed giants, but they were really flies, you see. Dawn pointed out that you wouldn't see a cartoon character rolling his own cigarette and smoking it today.), "The Old Mill" (like a FANTASIA segment, it was a piece set to music), "Donald's Crime" (he robs his nephews' piggy bank to get money to take a hottie duck out), and finally, "The Tortoise and The Hare" (we all know this one, slow and steady wins the race, especially when the Hare stops to show off and flirt with 4 school girl bunnies).

The Random Movie for April 2003 was:


Jake and Elwood are on a mission from God. They're out to bring the band
back together again to save the church.

I remember seeing this movie first show of opening day, and loving it so
much I stayed and watched it again. I remember Aretha Franklin's number getting applause. I remember the projection framing being off and seeing the trampoline that people were springing off during the James Brown church scene.

THE BLUES BROTHERS is a really funny movie. A series of set pieces held
together by the SNL characters created by Dan Aykroyd and John Belushi, it's non-stop comedy. Does SNL make ANY movie 10% as funny as this? I mean, besides THE LADIES MAN and SUPERSTAR.

There are so many brilliant moments, it's like trying to pick your favorite
movie or song when asked. But here goes:

The way they park the car

"How much for the little girl?"


The car chase through the mall


Henry Gibson as a Nazi

Steven Spielberg's cameo

The opening when Joliet Jake is released from prison (featuring Frank Oz)

Ray Charles shooting at a shoplifter

...to name a few. And let's not even get into the session musicians that
make up the band (that still plays today, although you have to watch Jim Belushi, which is criminal).

I went to Universal Studios the week before and coincidentally, sat
and watched the Blues Brothers (impostors). We didn't want to, we were just walking by on our way to get some food. But we ended up staying and sitting.

The Blues Brothers is one of those rare movies that gets everything right.
It was John Landis at his peek. It was slapdash and silly and smart. And most importantly, it was and is, funny.

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