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The Preshow Entertainment was- Best Videos of 1984, from the USA all night show NIGHT FLIGHT. Among the videos, we got to see Huey Lewis (The Heart of Rock and Roll) and the Brian DePalma directed Bruce Springsteen (Dancing in the Dark) w/ Courteney Cox. But the highlight for me were commercials for Sony Video 45s ( a VHS or Beta tape with 3 or 4 videos on them) for Iron Maiden. The shot of the hand putting the videotape in the old dinosaur machine just sent me back. So did the can of Tab in one of the videos. And here's something pretty scary. Another way of saying "videos from 1984 is- Videos that are 20 years old! Wow.

The movie was TIME BANDITS. Now, I know I'll probably get some disagreement here, but, well, I'll just say it. This movie is terrible. It's noisy, dark, dirty, and boring. That dumb bastard Sean Connery couldn't even save it. John Cleese was just okay, but only in it for a few minutes. I guess I laughed a few times, but only because I was hungry for comedy.

I saw this movie when it came out in 81, and didn't like it. I have a friend
who loves it, so I was happy when it was selected. But sad to see that it was still- TERRIBLE!

If you like this movie, please tell me why. And I'm not buying because it's
Python. It isn't. This parrot has passed on.

Well? I'm waiting...

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