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The Preshow Entertainment was "I'll See You In Court". This was the episode of MARRIED...WITH CHILDREN that was banned. Of course, it was no more racy than any other episode, but Fox yanked it when that woman called the sponsors and actually had a few (Proctor & Gamble was one, I think) pull out of the show. So, Fox made a token response by yanking the episode. The show itself had its moments - Al and Peg sue a hotel for taping them having sex. They want to make a quick mil. Of course, the jury doesn't award them anything because they declare that what they were doing really didn't fall under the definition of sex.

RMC got off to a false start. Actually, 3 false starts. As you may or may not know, there are 1250 movies in RMC. Nine are on laser discs, 20 on DVDs. The other TwelveHundredSomething are on VHS. Now, I have since disconnected my laser player. So, what do you think happens? WRONG!

The first TWO picks are Laser Discs! What are the chances of that???? So, we could not watch OCEAN'S 11 or JOE VS. THE VOLCANO.

So we pick a third time. JAKOB THE LIAR. We throw it on, and the copy is so bad (fluttering), we vote "No" after 5 minutes. Back to the RMC COMPUTER. Finally a selection is made. A movie we can watch from beginning to end. A perfect companion piece to JAKOB THE LIAR. Yes, we're talking about that chestnut of a film known as THE LONELY LADY.

Pia Zadora chewing up the cheapo scenery as a writer who people use and abuse. I'd say the nudity was gratuitous, but I think the whole movie was gratuitous. Ray Liotta played Ray Liotta. I guess unless he plays Ray Liotta, no one cares. This low budgie Italian soap crap is so bad, it's astounding. Lucky we have fun watching a bad one now and then. But this one raises the question, "Rich...why do you have this film?" Easy. It made the bad random pizza we ordered taste good.

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