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The Preshow Entertainment was FINAL ESCAPE.

This is a great story about a cold, manipulative woman (played scary-well by Season Hubley) in prison who will stop at nothing to escape. It was an Alfred Hitchcock Presents episode from the 1980s (they made new shows), that still used the Hitch wraparounds (colorized!). I love everything about this 22 minute production. The acting is wonderful, the story tight and brilliant, and the characters are so above usual TV fare. And it has one of those SIXTH SENSE things where you get the ending before, or right when you are supposed to. It was fun to stand in the back and watch as different people caught on at different times.

And Season Hubley, man, I don't know why she had such a bad career cause she was brilliant. What happened to her????

The Random Movie selected was, coincidentally, the Alfred Hitchcock film I CONFESS. Certainly not the strongest Alfie movie, but the themes are pretty compelling. Although I suppose the story has been told a million times before this movie and a billion times after...but...

Montgomery Clift plays a priest who hears a murderer's confession. The twist is, soon HE becomes a suspect. Herein lies the subtlety of the internal struggle, something you don't see often in films today. This isn't the most exciting movie, and there are some lazy parts (major flashback with voiceover describing exactly what we're watching!), but it's still a decent film. Still, I wouldn't put it in the top 30 must see films of Alfred Hitchcock.

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