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It was a double feature. The first movie was picked long ago (1-4-2002) but was vetoed due to the RMC 220 RULE. So we doubled it up with a regular RMC.

Do I really need to write this movie up? Some consider THE GODFATHER the greatest American movie ever made (besides CONDORMAN). But there are a few I've met that insist THE GODFATHER PART II is the superior one. And they may be right.

Beautiful, compelling, strong, and amazing. It's once again the story of family and power, and how one affects the other. There are lines that make me laugh ("He's been dying of that same heart attack for 20 years")and cry (when Tom Hagan and Frankie Pantangeli discuss Frankie's fate, without really saying it, and Tom says, "Don't worry about anything, Frankie Five-Angels." And it's understood by Frankie and by us what he means by that. There are moments that burn in your brain like when Michael sees his kid's toy car, possibly for the first time, rusting in the snow. And Bruno Kirby's stance when someone comes to the door while he and Vito are taking his "friend's" rug. And "Michael? Why are the drapes open?"

And whenever I feel the film business is unfair or unkind to me, I can be heard quoting Hyman Roth from this movie. "This...is the business we chose. Nobody forced us."

But what got me most this time was the actors. Especially Michael V. Gazzo (Frankie Pantangeli), who IS the part. He's amazing. Surely he won an Academy Award for this movie. I can go on and on, but I'll spare you, unlike Don Ciccio sparing Vito's mom, dad, and brother Paolo.

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