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The RMC pick was THE WINDOW. I love this movie. When I was a kid, and sick (out of school for a week), Million Dollar Movie (a movies-on-tv show in NY...I'm not sure if it was national) ran this movie every day for a week. So I watched it all 5 days. This is noir about a kid sleeping on the fire escape (because it was hot) in NYC, who witnesses a murder. Of course no one believes him.

However, the real mystery was that the film was not in my library. So, after spending 15 minutes looking for it and failing, we picked a different movie.

(Warning: The next paragraph contains a run on sentence)

We ordered a bunch of pies and watched Bowie on Dinah Shore. Fascinating...even though the tape seemed like a 7th generation dub. Bowie did "Stay" from "Station to Station." Then, he paneled with Dinah, Nancy Walker (who you must know directed CAN'T STOP THE MUSIC starring The Village People and Steve Guttenberg...and is on AMC this week....you heard me....AMC....American Movie Classics!) and the Fonz, who seemed to speak FOR Bowie at times, as if Bowie wasn't there. Winkler was probably the hot ticket draw at that time, as Happy Days was on the air then.

Then came the Talking Heads on Letterman...early 80s. Both David's were goofy. Byrne trying to be, and Letterman trying not to be. TV at its best.

The Random Movie was the world's longest rock video: PURPLE RAIN. This really made me sad when picked (especially since we lost THE WINDOW), as not only is it a bad movie, but I'd just seen it a few months ago for a script I was working on. So now I had to see it again (third time!).

Fortunately, the crowd was on it. We had a lot of fun with this movie, and why shouldn't we? It screams "make fun of me!". And yet, underneath it all, Prince is amazing. He can sing, scream, dance...and best of all (although not showcased in the movie) play. People either forget or don't know what a great player he is. The downside of Prince? Acting. Ha! In fact, no one acted in the movie. But I guess...."who cares?"

So, we watched a lot of great songs, and a ton of shots (we stopped counting at 11) of rear motorcycle wheels kicking dirt into the camera as they sped away, and laughed ourselves sick. Welcome to RMC.

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